Richard Ollis LL.B, T.E.P. - Notary Public


What you need to know

1. Early discussion of your likely requirements is always advisable and may help to avoid unnecessary delays later. Please provide me, in advance, with a copy of the document(s) required to be notarised, together with any correspondence or other forms of advice/requirements specified by any third parties, including foreign lawyers.

2. Please arrange an appointment at a time and on a date which will allow sufficient time for me to consider the formalities which will be required. Please do not come without an appointment.

3. Do not sign any document in advance of our meeting, thinking it will save time.

4. Be sure to bring with you original and appropriate means of your identification and your corporate (or other) authority, together with the same for each person or party who will be appearing before me in any formal capacity.

Please note:

  • For private individuals this means a current valid passport or driving licence in either case bearing a true likeness of the person concerned together with adequate evidence of current residential address e.g. a council tax bill, utility bill or bank statement issued within the last three months.
  • For companies, this kind of information can usually be obtained, by me, direct from Companies House, however, on occasion it will be necessary for original minute books/board resolution(s) to be produced to me for inspection..

5. Further authentification, in the form of an “Apostille” from the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and/or from the appropriate foreign consulate or embassy in England (called “Legalisation”) will often be required. Where it is, this process will involve delays and additional costs about which you will be properly informed.

6. Official translations of foreign language documents may be required as a condition of due notarisation. In such cases additional costs will be incurred.

7. Only original certificates (as opposed to copies) will be acceptable as evidence of public records such as those of birth, marriage and death.

8. In the usual situation, where only direct notarial certification or authentication is required, my notarial responsibility extends only to the notarial formalities themselves. No advice will be given, nor responsibility accepted, for the drafting or effect of any documents which I have not myself prepared. Where required, you will need to obtain separate advice on these aspects.

9. Your personal attendance, normally at my offices, will always be required. My practice is located within the offices of Lodders Solicitors LLP, at the address given on my Home Page. In exceptional cases I will, of course, see you at your home, or elsewhere, but additional costs will inevitably be incurred.

10. My notarial services are provided subject to my Terms of Business, current from time to time. A copy of these is contained on the separate page so entitled. Please read them carefully. If you would like another copy, please request one when we meet.

11. To see how my fees are worked out please visit the separate page headed Notarial Fees.

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