Richard Ollis LL.B, T.E.P. - Notary Public


Notarial Fees

My charges are calculated principally by reference to the amount of time I spend on the matter but can be subject to uplift to reflect any special factors such as high value, special importance, complexity, speed or special skills.

My current basic charge rate is £250.00 per hour - or proportionately for less than an hour. This rate is effective from 1 November 2016 and will be subject to review from time to time. No VAT is payable on the fees themselves but all out of pocket expenses (“disbursements”), including any irrecoverable VAT thereon will be payable separately.

My minimum fee for any commission, regardless of time spent is £130.00.

Disbursements include such things as fees paid for legalisation, and to agents used in connection with that process, as well as postage, courier charges and other ancillary expenses incurred in carrying out the work. You should be aware that some foreign countries charge considerable fees for legalisation through their embassies.

You will be advised of the amount of the fees and likely disbursements, or, where they cannot be accurately specified, an estimate thereof, before work commences. Please be aware that you may be required to pay for disbursements in advance of that expenditure, or any liability for it, being incurred by my office.

Please note that payment, in full, of all fees and disbursements must have been received, in cleared funds, before any documents will be released from my possession and control. Unfortunately I do not accept credit cards, so payment must be made either by personal cheque or cash.

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